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The last week of Kindergarten for 2020! What an interesting year it has been but one thing has stayed the same which is the children’s bright happy faces here at Kindergarten. We had a nice small group today which meant we could do a lot of free choice activities and follow their interests.

After finding a HUGE and brightly coloured beetle in the playground Genevieve wanted to make some of her own using a bug book as inspiration. We cut some small pieces of paper and made some beetle collages using scissors, glue and paper. This has been a year long interest and it was great to see everyone showing initiative and completing the project on their own.

Arden suggested making some masks so him, Theo, Xavier, Marshall and Connor enjoyed colouring and cutting out some masks. Spiderman was a big inspiration here and afterwards they role played with some super hero games. Making sure to be “good super heroes” who don’t need to hurt people to fix problems.

Lilly, Charlotte and Narla had a big puzzle day exploring a lot of the new jigsaws that Miss Dom brought in a few weeks ago. They have become masters at noticing patterns and colours and working together as well to finish the puzzles.

We went into the tree house for a little bit to explore some different throwing games and target practice. Afterwards we played some bowling in a classic “boys vs girls” encounter. The girls took an early lead with Genevieve and Lilly leading the way knocking over the pins. The second game went to the boys with each person knocking over a pin and the boys won the tie breaker with Mr Xavier knocking over 3 pins himself.

In the afternoon we had some quiet time with different books and puzzles and headed into our afternoon activities which were Christmas crafts and colouring. Later in the afternoon we might do a music session or bring some active games indoors if it stays too hot.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy your evening!

Mr Andrew