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Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another wonderful week in the Kindergarten. Today was a quiet day for us only having six children attending for the day. I think some of our friends are enjoying a long weekend with their older siblings who are on school holidays.

At group time this morning the children had the opportunity to share some of their highlights from the weekend. Layla told us she went to the beach and went out for dinner and ate chicken and chips and had some orange juice to drink. Elliott enjoyed a boys day at Movie world and paradise country. At Paradise country he told us he saw Shawn the sheep and watched a funny show. Astrid painted a special Unicorn card for her Nanny and Poppy and watched Ippy on ABC. Matthew told us he flew a red kite and played Pac Man. Emily told us about her poor Cat Chase who is having an operation today and he will only have three legs.  For our morning story today our friend Elliott brought in a special book from home to share with us called ” The Gruffalo” one of my favourites. As we read this story we talked about the different rhyming words we could hear. It is great to hear the children are picking up this concept. After our story we then moved into our morning activities.

This morning the children requested that we do drawing. Today we took inspiration from the Gruffalo story. Elliott asked if Miss Emma could print the different body parts of the Gruffalo to draw. What wonderful pictures the children created using their creativity and imagination.

Home corner was also very popular this morning, once again we had our own supermarket. Big thank you to Harper and her family for collecting some boxes to put into our supermarket. The children have had lots of fun throughout the day setting up their own shop and selling their goods to the customers. We would still love to have some more to add to our shop.

When we were outside this morning the children were very excited to see that some of our seeds we planted last week have started to grow.

At group time before lunch we read another rhyming story which was Green eggs and Ham. As we read the story I encouraged the children to listen out for the words that rhyme. Initially I pointed the first two out, but soon enough I could hear some of the children identifying some of the rhyming words. We also came up with other words that would rhyme with those. I just love Dre Seuss books as they are a fun way for children to learn rhyme through the imaginative and creative stories. We would love to see some more rhyming books throughout the week.

Have a great afternoon everyone

Miss Emma and Mr G