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Welcome to Kindergarten Monday 23rd December!

Only 2 sleeps until the big man arrives and boy are we excited here in the Kindergarten room! Today was a little bit wet outside so we started the day indoors drawing Christmas elves and building towers with building blocks for the elves to live in. We played in the home corner making Christmas goodies before enjoying some light and refreshing morning tea including seasonal fruit and raisin bread.

After packing away our morning tea we melted some chocolate and made special Christmas shaped treats. We used green playdough to create a multi of various shaped snowmen and Christmas shaped cookies. We also made 3D cardboard angels that we coloured in and decorated foam Christmas trees with glitter shapes and multi coloured felt balls. We had story time on the group mat and of course no day is complete without playing dress-ups at least once before lunch!

With tummy’s full its time to get some rest, with some quite classroom activities an the option for some of our friends to have an afternoon snooze.

Have a lovely afternoon. Please remember that if your child is attending tomorrow your child needs to be picked up by 2pm.

Miss Emma and Mr G