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Welcome Families to our Monday here in the Kindergarten room.

All children had a wonderful big play outside this morning as they greet their friends and teachers with cheerful smiles. They had so much fun zooming around on the bikes, baking and creating many things in the sandpit, building with the connectors, kicking the ball and so much more.

To make the most of this amazing weather and beautiful breeze Kindergarten had another day of an outdoor classroom, I mean there is no better way to spend a Monday then out in the fresh air and their wonderful outdoor environment. Before children came to wash their hands and eat their morning tea they all helped tidy the yard together as one big team effort.

After morning tea all children headed to the tree house to either play with the activities provided OR to participate in the BRAIN activity that we would be doing this morning HOW COOL! Before we watched the Powerpoint Miss Jess asked some of our friends what they thought their brain does and where do they think there brain is. Xavier said his brain is in his arm and that his brain helps look after his dad. Astrid said her brain helps her think of things she needs to do. Harper said her brain is in her head and the same as what Mace said.

Throughout the power point about the brain there was a few facts and questions for our friends to answer this opened up a lot of conversations about how it works and what it does. Children were so engaged and really interested about this topic. It was amazing to hear the different answers that the children had at the end of the PowerPoint to what they first said at the start.

To extend more on this topic we played a game with  ruler as each child took a turn to see how fast their brain reacts when Miss Jess drops the ruler on 3 the child had to quickly catch it with their fingers before it hits the ground! On Xavier’s third trial he caught the ruler at 7cm! This put him in 1st place! Coming in second was Charlotte that wasn’t far behind Xavier as she caught it on 8cm!! Then our other friends Astrid scored a 22cm catch while Harper and Eva both tied with catching the ruler on 24cm!! They loved this little game and wanted to have more turns! Afterwards our friends were able to draw a brain as they look at the one from the power point. They all really enjoyed this.

Throughout the fun in the tree house our friends Braxton, Reid, Mace and Xavier worked so well together to build a massive train track!!! It was soooo long! They worked as a team as they passed the pieces down to each other to accomplish their master piece. Astrid and Harper were so amazed at what they were doing and decided to help them and play with the trains too. Eva and Charlotte were happily playing with the doll house and engaging with one an other in imaginary play. There were plenty of activities for our friends to enjoy in the tree house from puzzles to connectors and awesome books and so much more.

This afternoon children had a fabulous time exploring their yard with their friends from their classroom as well as children from the other rooms. Many laughs and smiles were shared throughout the afternoon.

Just a little reminder parents – Can we please make sure all children have a drink bottle that is clearly labeled OR the child knows it is theirs. Thankyou heaps in advance.

We hope you have all had a great day and see you all soon.

Thankyou Kindergarten.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.