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Hello families and friends of the children in the Kindergarten room. Welcome to the awesome insight of how their day went.

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 11 Kindergarten friends to join us in a journey of fun on this wonderful Monday. Due to the weather today we weren’t able to head outside BUT that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun inside.

What we did today –

For our group time this morning Mr Andrew went through the calendar with us and Reid was the helper to change it today, Mr Andrew also read us a book before we went off to choose some activities to do this morning.

Miss Jess asked Ellie, Rikki and Harper what colours they would like to do for art, they chose red, yellow, purple and blue. Instead of painting with paintbrushes we decided to use the cool fly swatches! The children that participated in this art activity rather had a great time doing so, they really liked using the fly swatches they had so much fun! For our friends who didn’t get a chance to do one, will do one this afternoon.

Miss Zoe our yoga teacher came this morning to do some yoga fun with us all. All children showed Miss Zoe at how clever they are with their yoga moves. Thankyou Miss Zoe for a wonderful and relaxing session.

 Ellie and Sunni both liked playing and exploring in home corner today and feeding the baby dolls. Mason, Theo and Daniel had fun playing with the playdough and feeling the cold texture of it as they squish it in their hands and making cool things from it. Mace and Reid really enjoyed the water play as they see how many times they need to fill the boot for the bottles to be full. Xavier was interested in wanting to play with the connectors and making houses for the baby animals. Rikki and Charlotte liked playing with the dolls house with Miss Shanaya, finding all the different furniture to put inside the house. Harper and Mason showed a lot of interest reading books, so Miss Jess sat down and helped them read the ones they liked the most.

This afternoon after our rest time and scrumptious afternoon tea, we did more water play this time with some glitter to mix it up, there was more art to have fun with and children chose activities of their choice such as – lego, puzzles and so much more.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today,

See you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.