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Glorious Monday♥

Hello and welcome families to our day here in the Kindergarten room!

What we did today.

This morning Miss Jess did group time with the children. We spoke about what we would be getting up to today and the fun activities we would be doing for Halloween! So as we were all very excited to get our day started we ventured outside to the sandpit and got started on making our own Halloween potions!

All children were so engaged and their imagination was flying around as they created their awesome potions. Braxton made a potion where you could be whatever you wanted to be if you tipped it on your head and say zebra. Eva and Harpers potion was that if you drank it you would turn into a princess/prince. I enjoyed seeing children really working together for this and seeing how they communicate their ideas.

After our fun of potion making it was time to head inside and get ready for YOGA with Miss Hailey. All children respond well to yoga and calming down their bodies as they consternate on their deep breaths in and out. After yoga we practiced our graduation songs as its not far now until graduation!!

After lunchtime Mr Andrew did some relaxing breathing cards with the children to help calm their bodies and to re energize for this afternoons whirl of fun and adventure in the beautiful sun.

Throughout the day all children enjoyed the fine motor activities, building with the large dominions, role playing in home corner and making awesome monsters from egg cartons!

What a Spooktacular day all children have had.

P.S This Thursday in the kindergarten room will be a Halloween party with many activities to participate in. However if your child isn’t attending this Thursday they are more than welcome to dress up any day this week as we will be doing something everyday and no one will miss out.♥ 

Thank you Kindergarten,

See you all soon!

Mr. Andrew and Miss Jess.