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Welcome to another week in the Kindergarten class. Let us share what we got up to today . . .

With all of the crazy wind yesterday our playground had few branches in the playground so we played indoors while that was all getting tidied up. The children enjoyed block games, puzzles and some card games and it was a very relaxing morning.

After group time and morning tea we headed outdoor the the afterschool room’s playground. We had lots of fun out there doing lots of physical activity like star jumps, push ups, donkey kicks and hopping. We got some photos of it all and are going to make a physical activity booklet that will also include our favourite active games such as Candlesticks, Here comes the tiger and Hoops.

In between our outdoor time we had a little bit of Yoga. It is great for the children to experience different adults coming in and providing some engaging experiences for them.

We also enjoyed some throwing games like basketball and one game where one person had to run around the circle while the rest passed it around two times. Well done to Genevieve who managed to make 7 laps before everyone passed it around twice.

After lunch we settled into quiet time and might get outdoors in the double slide playground for a little bit before some music sessions indoors and some building activities with real tools to cap off the afternoon.

Thanks for reading today and see everyone again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade