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Welcome to a new week here at Riversdale! We had a special day here in the Kindergarten class as we celebrated Eva’s 5th Birthday! At morning tea we sang happy birthday, did 5 huge claps and ate some delicious cupcakes to mark the occasion.

At group time we sang some songs, changed our calendar and recited out affirmation cards with positive messages on them. We also practiced some cutting skills by cutting out shapes like squares, triangles and semi circles from the paper. We used them later to make some collages. It was great practice for fine motor skills and school readiness skills.

Outdoors in the tree hut we practiced some catching and throwing games and Jaxon suggested we play “doctors and germs” afterwards. The children have practiced this one a lot and were able to run the game themselves and take turns at being the doctor or germ master after each round.

In the afternoon we used our food picture props to categorise them into vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, nuts and seeds. We then used the pictures to make our own favourite meals which we then drew on paper. Practicing our pencil grip and making shapes like lines and circles to draw our food. The children have been doing really well at trying new things everyday from our Kindergarten menus.

In the afternoon we headed outdoors again for some parachute games and other fun group activities as well as some free play.

Thanks for reading our blog today. We hope you enjoyed.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess