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Monday  Fun day in the Kindergarten room!

Today we started the day playing outside in the beautiful summer morning weather. Playing in the sandpit with monster sized dump trucks building sand castles and making sandy cupcakes. We also had fun zooming around on the bike track and testing our motor skills on a freshly created and student designed obstacle course. For our creative outlet we had drawing stations and many different types of building blocks to let our imaginations run wild.

After our morning play after we washed our hands it was time for morning tea. Today we had a picnic outside in the outdoor class room with our friends from senior Kindergarten listening to fun and relaxing summer time music.

With our tummies satisfied it was time to head inside for our morning group time! Today in the Kindergarten room we had a special guest all the way from the north pole arrive. One of Santa’s most trusted and loyal elves whom we as a class have decided to call “Froggy” the elf! Froggy was found hanging from the ceiling fan! such a cheeky/dare devilish elf! Of course Froggy insists that no one should try this stunt at home. How very wise and responsible of Froggy.

Continuing the morning our good friend Elliot was so kind as to set up some activities for everyone including puzzles, a drawing station, pine cone painting station and a construction station all with a very distinct Christmas feel. Well done Elliot! They were so much fun.

LUNCH TIME! Today we it was Mexican day! Beef nachos with cheese, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber. Yum!

As we do every day following lunch time, it was time for quite nap/relaxation time. Reading books quietly on the group mat and while some of our friends had a nap and Mr G set up some more activities for the afternoon.

Moving from the group mat, there where more puzzles, a drawing station where we drew cool pictures of our new elf friend Froggy and a painting station where we started the first process on our eventual journey to create and decorate our very own arts and crafts Christmas tree made from paper plates. Miss Steph joined us for some face painting. We love face painting! So many activities, so little time!

Afternoon tea time! A refreshing summer fruit platter with coco oat bites. Recharged and ready to keep active we returned to the group mat to read a book as a class to regroup before getting further engaged with the many creative and cognitive actives toys/activities on offer.

What a day it has been! Monday Fun Day!