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Hello families of the Kindergarten classroom and welcome to our Monday blog. Today was such a super busy day filled with some fun and exciting activities that the children thoroughly enjoyed!

We began our morning outdoors enjoying the warm weather but making sure to keep hydrated and find shady spots to play. The covered sandpit is becoming popular for obvious reasons and the children have been challenging themselves on the monkey bars, swings and also making some wonderful sand creations.

As we came indoors we noticed some big changes on our calendar like a new day, date and most importantly a new month! We talked about the birthdays in November including Ellie, Coen, Jaxon and Marshall (all turning 5 years old!). We had some delicious morning tea and then got into some fun literacy and numeracy games while others chose some free play construction activities or home corner play.

We had a quick tidy up before Miss Hailey arrived to go through some yoga activities with us. The children gave some suggestions for our guided meditation today and we had a great adventure going up a mountain, finding a playground, having a picnic, running from some bears and returning home all while stretching and moving our bodies.

In the outdoor areas the children played some chasing, throwing and catching games in the tree house as well as some balancing games. We then gave the children the choice of some free play in the sandpit or the “Doctors and germs” game in the tree house and it was pretty evenly split. It is great to see the children leading their own learning and asking for specific games and activities. It is showing a great maturity and confidence which will serve them well leading into school.

In the afternoon we were up at the double slide playground to do some clock games and explore our new playground equipment a little more. The children had some wonderful ideas for the blocks and poles and later in the week we plan to set up a big hurdle race. The clock game was great for number recognition and some of the children were able to independently move the clock to find the correct time on their own.

That’s all from us today, hopefully everyone enjoyed their evenings.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess