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Happy Monday everyone, we hope you all had a lovely long weekend for the Gold Coast show. We hope our wonderful Dad’s had a lovely day yesterday for Father’s day too. A big thank you to the Dads and grandads who came along to our fathers day movie night and BBQ on Friday night, it was such a great evening.

This morning as many of the children were eager to share their weekend adventures we had lots of news to share at group time. It sounded as though lots of you went to the show in the weekend a long with a lot of park and beach adventures. We also got to hear from Hayley about her weekend with Hungry Jacks, they looked as though they had lots of fun watching movies, baking cookies and eating tacos. Thank you so much to the families who have taken Hungry Jacks home for the weekend we really appreciate all the work you put into the stories and taking all the photos. The children are very much looking forward to seeing who gets to take Hungry Jacks home this weekend. After hearing about the children’s adventures from the weekend, I then read the children the story of Goldilocks and the three bears which is the fairy tale story the children had requested to listen to for the week. After reading the story I talked with the children about the story, in particular the part about going into peoples homes if they are not home. It was great to hear the children’s responses in relation to this and what they thought you should do if someone was not at home. This included ringing them, sending them a message or coming back later. Now it was time to move off into our morning activities.

This morning the children had the opportunity to sit with myself or Miss Sarah to tell us the story of their weekend. This included the children using their memory recall skills to think back on and identify how the weekend made them feel, who they spent their weekend with, what they did and finally they could draw a picture of something from their weekend. Once again the children talked about visiting the Gold Coast show and seeing all the fireworks, going to the beach and one of our friends also talked about planting some plants for spring like strawberries, beans , tomato and lemon. We have definitely had some wonderful weather for the start of spring. I like forward to hearing some more stories from the children’s weekends during the week.

The play dough table was a hive of activity today with the children freely  using their imagination and creativity as they manipulated the play dough into their desired shapes and designs. It was great to see the children taking reference from the story Goldilocks and the three bears as they made some of the characters and used their role playing skills as they made their characters. I think we might have to make some yummy porridge this week, where we can retell the story using this as a prop. The children also made snowmen, trees and snakes.

Last week we got some new building materials which the children have absolutely loved exploring. Today as the children created they used their problem solving skills, imagination,creativity and further strengthened their fine motor skills. The children made Worm bridges, tall towers, cars, buildings, robots and transformers to name a few. During our quiet time this afternoon the children have asked if they can explore using these, I cannot wait to see what they come up with.

This morning we also practiced our fire drill, the children did such a fantastic job at keeping themselves safe and following the instructions.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah