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Hello everyone and welcome to a new week at Riversdale and also the last day of November! What a fast year it has been and well done to all the graduates last Friday you did a great job with your performances and being on stage so confidently.

Today we decided to rearrange the room one last time before the end of the year to give it a new fresh and exciting feel. Some of the children helped Miss Jess as she moved furniture and swept the floors to make a new tidy space for playing and learning.

Mr Andrew did some reading comprehension with the children about a story called “There’s a crocodile in our pickle jar”. Afterwards we asked the children some questions relating to the stories to see how much they remembered and understood as well as some questions unique to them. It was funny to hear some of the responses and interesting to note what details the children remembered as it showed what was important to them.

Miss Hailey arrived for her second last yoga session of the year. Today the children did some yoga poses to their favourite songs as well as gliding through the ocean pretending they were whales. There was lots of relaxing breathing and lovely chatting between the children as they passed around the breathing ball. We continued to sit on the group time mat for some Christmas stories that Mr Carter and Mr Connor had brought in.

We went outdoors before lunch to practice some soccer skills and the teachers were impressed at their dribbling and shooting skills and also the way all the children were cheering on their friends.

In the afternoon we used our big felt map to explore world geography, especially the continents. We are going to have more of a focus on the world as this is a big interest for the children at the moment. We will also be in the big double slide playground to play some skipping rope games like high jump and limbo.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess