Welcome to a new week in the Kindergarten room.
Today we had 10 friends in the Kindergarten class, and everyone was happy to see their friends and join them in the playground today. After our playtime outside we gathered together and sang our welcome song. Mr Andrew said today we would be learning more about the alphabet and how to write and spell our names. We used songs, demonstrations and different art projects to try and cover the topic of our names.
We also did some cool worksheets to reinforce our knowledge about animals that lay eggs alongside some new animal figurines that we got for the classroom. The children are really enjoying learning more about the animal kingdom.
Throughout the day the children chose activities that they’d liked to play with. The lego was a hit with our friends Carter, Theo and Xavier! While other friends enjoyed home corner, building with the connectors and making a cubby house with Mr Andrew! Our friends also listened so well to Miss Jess read two stories of their choice!!
This afternoon we headed outside a little later when it started to cool down to enjoy some fun outside play with al our friends before being picked up.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.