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Happy Monday everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today we welcome a new friend to the Kindergarten, Wolfy we are all looking forward to getting to know him and his family over the remainder of the year. I have loved watching the children including and inviting him into their play, making him feel welcome, well done everyone. We also had the lovely Miss Jess from our babies room with us in the Kindergarten, the children all loved spending time with her today as I know she did too.

This week is the beginning of our new menu. Today we started off with a delicious treat of fruit and yoghurt pizza, it was great to see so many of the children open to trying it.  After we had fuelled our bodies we moved onto the group mat for our group chat time, as one of our friends has renamed it. We started off by singing our graduation songs to Miss Jess and Miss Leesa, the children did such a great job singing these. Over the coming weeks in the lead up to our graduation ceremony, the children will practice singing their songs to some of the rooms, hopefully this will make singing there favourite songs at graduation less daunting. As always on a Monday we had show and tell, where the children had the opportunity to share something special from the weekend. To start we had Astrid who brought in some special photos and a certificate from her Karate grading, where she earnt her yellow tip, congratulations Astrid we are so proud of you. Emily talked to us about all her pets and that she has to take care of them.  Levii was eager to show us his new shorts that he had got when he went shopping in the morning.

Now it was time to get engaged into our morning play. This morning the children had the opportunity to explore colour mixing, as this had been suggested by one of the children last week as an activity they would like to do. Through this experience the children had a sheet of paper where they selected two colours they wanted to mix together to make a new colour. After mixing the coloured dye together the children would then colour a square to match the colour that the two colours made together. Over the course of the week the children will have the opportunity to explore colour through a variety of experiences. Tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to mix colours using paint on a palette just like an artist. We will use our colour mixing sheets that we used today to help keep track of our records.

Other play that occurred during the morning included block construction, train track construction, home corner play and puzzles. It was great to see lots of collaborative and cooperative play occurring between the children as they built the train track together and talked about their creations they had made.

We finished off our morning with some nice relaxing yoga with Miss Gabi. This week again we were practicing a variety of animal poses.

What did we enjoy today?

Layla- ” I liked doing the colour mixing and I liked playing with the babies.” Levii- ” Doing the coloured blocks.” Wolfy – ” Me building the Lego, me do yoga.” Jacob- “Doing yoga, playing with the puzzles.”  Wynter “Colour mixing and more colour mixing.”

We also had a wonderful question posed to us during our morning reflection where Layla asked how do we make paper?. What a great question tomorrow we will investigate how it is made.

This afternoon our friend Graysen has brought in some yummy cupcakes to celebrate his 5th Birthday which was yesterday. I know the children are all looking forward to this.

Reminder please RSVP to me ASAP in regards to how many people are coming to celebrate our graduation on 22nd November. Thank you to those who have already done this. 🙂

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Jess