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Hello Families and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room.

Despite the rainy weather all children have had a great day today.

We started the morning off  by Mr Andrew and Miss Jess saying good morning to all 14 children and welcoming them into the room with a warm smile or hug.

After children finished playing with their activities we then all came together on the group mat for group time. Mr Andrew did a roll check, asked for helpers to change the calendar, sang our good morning song AND practiced our song for autumn. Mr Andrew also started some simple sign language that both Miss Jess and Mr Andrew will be implementing  more throughout the room as it opens them up to a whole different learning experience and language. This morning children practiced signing for elephant, giraffe and rhino, children seemed to pick it up easily with the help needed BUT they were so engaged. After group time children then had morning tea before self selecting activities that they wanted to do throughout the room.

The home corner was a popular choice by our friends Charlotte, Astrid and Ellie, they all enjoyed role playing, dressing up and cooking some delicious treats. Reid, Xavier, Harper, Daniel and Mace enjoyed building houses for their baby animals, as well as different types of shapes and sizes. Braxton and Alex enjoyed problem solving with the puzzle that they wanted to complete together and they did a great job at working together to achieve the end result. Children also had fun making their own money that they coloured in and had to cut out for the home corner so when they were to buy food they can exchange the shop owner the money. Based on Rikki’s and Harper’s request to do some painting, children also participated in an art activity which was enjoyed by – Carter, Reid, Sunni, Theo, Xavier, Braxton and Alex. They all did free painting of anything they wanted. Such creativity was used in this art activity.

Soon enough it was time to pack away and get ready for YOGAAAA with Miss Zoe! Children all laid down on their backs to relax their bodies. Listening to peaceful music, focusing on their breathing. Children then all sat up calmly and Miss Zoe passed around a ball that went in and out, as it went in all children had to take a deep breath and as it went out, they then exhaled. Children really enjoyed YOGAAA and a big thankyou to Miss Zoe for our relaxing session with you, see you again next week.

It was then time for some scrumptious lunch before we all got ready for either relaxing on our beds OR doing a quiet activity.

This afternoon all children continued the fun inside their room as it was still rainy and way too wet to go outside.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.