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Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the Kindy 1 & 2 combined blog.

Today we have had a wonderful day mixing together with our friends from the other classroom. We have had a full day of wonderful experiences too!

Miss Lea was in again to share some wonderful knowledge for National Tree Day. We learnt about the importance of trees and the insects/ birds that live in trees. We even got to repot a new plant and look at the new trees planted around the centre, how special! Moments like this help build an appreciation for nature and give the children a sense of responsibility for it so we will definitely try and play our part to care for our new trees and plants.

Other activities we enjoyed together today included:

Maia, Summer, Emisyn and Floyd helped Miss Shannan to make some play dough. Miss Shannan added all of the ingredients together in a bowl and mixed the liquid parts, before placing the sticky dough onto the table. The children then used an extra bowl of flour to knead into their dough.

Hendrix retrieved the cheese stack game, taking it to the table to complete. He soon had the support of Millie, Ryan and Owen, who cheered him on and gave him strategies to try as he completed the challenge. They each soon had a turn to complete the cheese stack challenge.

Zane, Oliver and Christopher were having spaceship battles. After constructing their ships from the magnetic blocks, they strategically held them up to each other to compare the sizes and which one they thought would win the challenge.

Oli constructed a towering building today from the wooden blocks. He had to lean up on the table to reach the top as it continued to get higher and higher.

Harper, Marlie and Riley spent time drawing together in the arts area. They were making cards for friends and drawing many colourful pictures to take home.

Ivy and Millie were busy constructing extensive lego castles. They worked both collaboratively on one big castle, as well as side by side on their own smaller castles.

Bonnie enjoyed some calm time as she looked through the books available on the book shelf. She read through many stories, taking them over to the cushions to explore before swapping them out for another.

Tanner and Carter were on a sea animal hide and hunt. They took turns between hiding the sea animals throughout the room and searching all over for them.

Indi, Chi and Ellie were the class princesses. They raced over to the dress up area where they each found a princess dress to where, before then setting up their very own ice-cream shop, “Ice-cream for sale!”.

Outside the children all completed in a 100m running race. Miss Shannan and Miss T’arn timed all of the children as they raced from one end of the yard to the other and back again. After the individual races and many pair races, we decided to try a relay race. The children were spilt into two groups, racing as fast as they could to pass the baton to their teammates. Miss Shannan and Mr Andrew joined in as well, cheering on all of the racers and running alongside the relay racers as they sprinted from one end of the yard to the other.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Friday!

Have a safe weekend,

Miss Shannan, Mr Andrew and Miss Jess