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Welcome to both Kindy One and Two blog!

What a wonderful day we have had to our day. This morning we had practiced throwing some balls into a whole to see which team would win. We had also practiced our under arm skills whilst completing this activity. We loved playing this game with our friends! Then we moved outside to explore the yard with all our friends. Mr Andrews had made an obstacle course with us, and we enjoyed jumping rolling and balancing throughout the obstacle. Another group had enjoyed creating aqua system and had some boats sailing and swimming in the water. We then moved inside to enjoy some morning tea which was some yummy beans with some toast which everyone enjoyed.

Miss Shannan had then read everyone a story which was When I Grow Up. throughout the story everyone was engaged and asking questions, afterwards we had reflected on the story allowing children to express what that they would want to be when they grow up. Kindergarten had then split from the group to complete their group time which they were all excited for. We had completed the calendar for the day and spoke about Dental Week. Whilst talking about Dental week we had spoken about germs and how to get rid of yucky germ by washing our hands with soap and washing them for 20 seconds (sing happy birthday song in your head). Miss Shannan had then had an experiment for the children to watch, as she was using water and glitter to represent the germs. She then dipped her finger in soap and dipped it into the germs which made the germ disperse. Everyone had then tried this experiment which they loved! Moving on from that activity we had enjoyed another activity based around germ/ bacteria in our mouth. We had practiced brushing our teeth by using a painting brush to represent a toothbrush and large beads covered in dirt (bacteria) on the teeth. The children loved brushing the dirt away to make the teeth nice and sparkly clean. We then enjoyed construction time as some used the magnets to build a tall tower. Some of our other friends enjoyed exploring home corner as they used their imagination and role play. Before moving outside we busted a moved with our dancing skills. When we got outside Miss Shannan had setup a volcano in the sand which was exciting for everyone to watch. They also enjoyed touching the so called lava.

This afternoon we hope to continue exploring the yard with all our friends and completing the obstacle course. We also are looking forward to reading some storied with our friends inside throughout quiet time. We also hope to create more craft around Dental Week.

A reminder its Jeans for Genes day on Friday so come dressed in Jeans. We will be completing multiple activities.

We hope all our families are keep safe at home with their loved ones. during this hard time. We send our love.

Miss Shannan and Miss Jess and Miss Andrew