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Good afternoon friends and Family of Kindy One,

Welcome to the blog for Friday. Today we participated in Red Nose Day, it was amazing to see all the children dressed in red to support children with SIDS. Thank you to all the families for supporting and donating to a wonderful cause. This morning children had enjoyed exploring Pre-Kindy room before moving outside to warm up in the sun. We enjoyed climbing the obstacle course, making sandcastles in the sand, riding on the bikes around the bike track and making some yummy mud pies in the mud kitchen. We had then transitioned inside to partake in our group time for the day. During group time we completed the roll, calendar, read a poem and explained what Red Nose Day was to the children. All the children were engaged throughout group time.

Throughout the morning we had enjoyed contracting the marble track together and rolling the marble down the track. Some of our friends also enjoyed making tall towers with the marble track. The children also enjoyed using the dress up and using their imagination to make a story in home corner. Some of the children also started their Father’s Day present,  we cannot show or tell it’s a secrete! Miss Jess had also painted a red nose of some children to show support for Red Nose Day. Before we knew it was time for Kindy One to clean up and get ready for dance, before heading off to dance class Mr Andrew had read a story which one of the children had brought in. The story we had read was Bluey- Mum School. All the children were engaged and asking many questions. The story was about Bluey wants to play Mum School instead of having her bath. But will the Bluey listen to her? The children enjoyed this story and reflecting upon the story once reading it.

We then adventured outside to participate in Dane class with Miss Jenny in the tree house. This was so much fun as we learnt a new routine and practiced our forwards rolls. We enjoyed taking turns ad practicing our rolls with Miss Jenny as she helped us placing our hands and feet in the correct spot on the mat before rolling forward. Thank Miss Jenny for a wonderful lesson today, we cannot wait for next Friday! Some of the children had enjoyed exploring the swing and sandpit as they didn’t want to partake in dance today. Afterwards it was time to head inside and have our yummy lunch which most of us enjoyed.

This afternoon we hope to explore outside with our friends and partake in some more Red Nose Day activities, maybe also finish off our Father’s Day cards.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their friends and family. We can’t wait to hear the wonderful stories next week. Enjoy your weekend!

Much Love Mr Andrew and Miss Jess xoxo