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Good Afternoon families of Kindy One! Welcome to Naidoc Week.

Welcome to the blog for Monday, which has been a wonderful start to the week. Today we had enjoyed exploring the big yard as we have recently had an interest in the sandpit, swing and the wooden blocks. Some of our friends also enjoyed climbing on the obstacle course then jumping off onto a safety mat at the end. The children were all excited and laughing while completing the obstacle course. It was time to head inside and complete a roll check, we then completed the Calendar for the day. All the children were engaged whilst completing the calendar as they picked the correct Day, Date Month, Season, and Weather. They all worked together as a group and encouraging each other throughout the process. Miss Danica also sat down with the group and read part of a Dreamtime story which was The Rainbow Serpent which the children loved!

Once we all filled our tummies with some yummy yogurt and fruit it was time to see the activities which Miss Jess had setup for the morning. The first activity was painting the snake from the Dreamtime story which everyone loved. We used yellow, black, red, brown and orange which were the coloured used in the book. This was a bonding activity for the children as it started conversations about the snake among the group asking and trying to answers questions. Another activity that had also been setup was indigenous symbol story telling. Miss Jess had told a small group of children a story using the indigenous symbols then allowing the children to explain the story back to Miss Jess. The group then had drawn the story for all our friends to see. Throughout this activity many children could remember the story and then repeat it back to Miss Jess, they all were focused during this activity. There were also small groups of construction using Lego, magnetics, and dominos. We also had a playdough group enjoying making animals from the reptile show last week.

Today for our outdoor activity Mr. Andrew had split the children into two groups as they had played two different games against each other. The first games was each team having to throw the ball into the net to collect points for their team. For the second games each team had a tall tower and the first team to knock down the opponent’s tower would win the game. Throughout these games the children had focused on throwing and catching skills and team work. Encouragement, enthusiastic and communication were shown throughout the games.

This afternoon we hope to continue focusing on our indigenous symbol stories and reading more of the Dreamtime story together. We also cannot wait to get outside and continue building on our sportsmanship through team games.

We would like to apologies for no photos being uploaded. We are still having trouble with the system and hope for it to be fixed in the next few days.

we cannot wait to see what we will be doing tomorrow. Enjoy your afternoon!