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Good Afternoon families of Kindy One and a BIG WELCOME BACK!!

We would like to start off and welcome everyone back from the week lockdown, we hope everyone stayed safe at come and spend sometime with their loved ones. This morning has been a big morning for Kindy One as everyone welcomed all their friends back and enjoyed some bonding time with each other. We had enjoyed spending the morning in
Kindy Two yard, as we played a game of soccer, completed the obstacle course, explored the mud kitchen, and played a game of Frisbee with pour friends. We had then transitioned inside to our room where we completed the roll and the calendar for the day. This was exciting to see most of our friends had kept up-to-date with what day, month, date and season it was. Fantastic work Kindy One. Whilst sitting on the mat Miss Jess had discussed how important hygiene is and what germs are. The things we discussed about germs were what germs are made of, how to prevent germs from making us sick, and how important it is to look after our bodies as they fight the germs off. We later had a follow on activity to complete with germs. Before washing our hands to head to morning tea we had each spoke about an activity we did with our families during lockdown. This was exciting to hear everyone’s stories.

Once we filled our tummies with yummy banana’s and blueberry breakfast bars. We had enjoyed some free time with all our friends. Some of use had enjoyed construction play using the magnetics and colourful blocks to build tall tower and animals such as fish, dogs and bird. Another group had enjoyed exploring home corner and using their imagination to create scenes and act them out, as well as using the dress ups to create a character. One group had sat down with Miss Jess and made their own type of germ using the colourful pencils which was lots of fun! Another two groups had enjoyed making some playdough with Miss Jade. They had each used the measuring cups and measured our the correct amount and placed it into the bowl to mix together. We had red playdough with all our friends!

During outdoor play we had enjoyed another game of soccer, playing tag, exploring the mud kitchen and puzzles outside with our friends. Miss Jade had read some stories outside which included; The Gruffalo and Wombat Stew. This was wonderful moment with the children, all the children had enjoyed reading stories in the yard with the educators.

This afternoon we hope to continue explore more information about germs. We also hope to complete an activity based around our genes, and explore what genes are.

Mr Andrew is away today and will be returning back tomorrow we are all excited to see and hear what he did over his weekend.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Jade xoxo