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Good afternoon friends and family o0f Kindy One,

Welcome to the blog for Thursday. Today is World Photo Day, it’s encouraged for the children to take the photo’s of the day and allow us to see what the children see through the lens of the camera. I wonder what the children have done and seen today?… Lets take a look.

During arrival the children had explored the slide yard which was full on wonderful experience’s, which were visual drawing from the children’s perspective. The children had reflected on what objects they would see around them, many drawings had entailed cars, slides, trees and some had incorporated pirates’, animals, and ninjas. What wonderful creations they have made, they cannot wait to show everyone. We also had some construction being completed in the yard, as some children used the dominoes to create tall towers, or some domino line. Which the children love! Some other children had also enjoyed playing a game of soccer with their friends and a game of tag. We had then transitioned inside with everyone to complete the roll call and the calendar for the day. The children enjoyed completing the calendar for the day as they went through each column and did the day, month, date, weather and season.

Today we had completed a citrus science experiment using lemon, mandarin and lime. We had placed baking soda into a tray and squished some of the juice’s from the citrus fruit. We had watched what happen to the baking soda, once the juice wad squished into the baking soda. Many of the children had predicted what would happen before seeing the experiment. Once seeing the experiment the children had reflected and communicated to educators what they had seen, as many children had said it ‘fizzed up, became bubbly, changed colour’ and some said it had ‘exploded’. It was fun reflecting on the experiment, and making our own predictions. Some children didn’t want to see the experiment so they did some construction play with the marble run, home corner and free drawing.

Later on we adventured outside and did some free play in Kindy Two yard, as many children had enjoyed completing the obstacle course, exploring the mud kitchen and played a game of twister. This was so much fun some children had communicated. Some children had also communicated it was a challenge playing twister as some of the movements were hard to do reaching from one colour to another.

This afternoon we hope to complete a reflection sheet of the science experiment we had completed today and continue on with our Father’s Day gifts. Mr Andrew and Miss Jess had both been out of the room today for a team meeting, we had Miss Lyn and Miss Steph who had stepped into the room to replace us during this time. Thank you to the educators. We would also like to remind parents of Book Week which is coming up from Monday 23rd of August until Thursday 26th of August and the theme of Book Week is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful character’s in the room next week.

Apologies for no photos today, we will try and email these to families as the children were our special photographers today and we’re sure they captured some wonderful images.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess