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Good afternoon families of Kindy One Welcome to the blog!

Everyone had arrive in a wonderful happy mood, as they were excited for the Reptile show and ready to explore the yard with their friends. Whilst outside this morning Mr. Andrew’s had built a tall balancing beam for the children to walk up and once they reached the top they had to pick a number to jump onto. They communicated this to Mr. Andrew before they jumped off. This activity allowed the children to focus on their balancing while counting the numbers on the mat before jumping off and landing on the number. Also while outside we had a group play a game of Ninjas, which they had used their imagination being Ninjas with all their friends, as they were protecting our playground!

Other children used our playground maps to find some treasure (bean bags) that other children had hidden in specific locations. It was a great activity for problem solving and communication to work together to find the treasure. They also practiced their visual literacy to read the map and the locations and find where the treasure was positioned.

At the wildlife show the children got up close to a range of different wildlife including a blue tongue lizard, turtle, sugar glider, tawny frogmouth, a baby crocodile and a python. What an amazing show. I’m sure there will be lots more questions throughout the day as we revisit this incursion experience.

In the afternoon we plan to split the group and explore our fruit and vegetable slide show from the questions the children have been asking. We are also going to bring some a wide range  fruits and vegetables for the children to explore this week so if you have any in your gardens or at home that you would like to supply than feel free to bring them along. Meanwhile the other group will partake in our sport and movement session for today which is bean bag balancing games.

Thank you for reading our blog today and have a wonderful evening!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess