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Good afternoon friends and family of Kindy One,

Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog, we hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Thing morning we had woken up to some smoke around the Gold Coast area which had made us to stay inside safe from the smoke. However while inside we had enjoyed some time practicing making paper airplanes, contrition¬† using the Lego, reading stories with our friends and exploring home corner with all the dresses ups. Throughout the morning many children had enjoyed interacting and expressing their interest in multiple different activities which encouraged other to join in. After exploring the room for a little we had noticed the smoke had cleared up and we had become excited to head outside into the big yard. Whilst outside we had enjoyed contrasting our own obstacle course, playing a game of tag with our friends and practicing our throwing by using our underarm throw to hit the target. This was so much fun as we took it in turns with all our friends.¬† After running out all our energy it was time to head inside and complete the roll for the day. Our morning had been changed a little due to the show from Brave Hearts we had morning tea in Pre-Kindy room, as they watched the show before we did. We enjoyed morning tea then heading back outside to line up at our back door.

We had watch Brave Hearts show which we were introduced to Ditto the bear. Throughout the show we had learnt the difference between what is safe and not safe. We had also learnt the warning signs, for safe feelings (Yes Feelings) and unsafe feeling (No feelings). Ditto had also spoke about who we should run to if we ever feel unsafe which these people could be our mum, dad, grandparents or teachers. Ditto had also spoken about our private parts where they were and what to say when we feel unsafe who we should run to and tell. We also did some singing and dancing throughout the show. It was fun learning about what’s safe and unsafe, who to tell and what our private parts are. A big thank you to Ditto and Brave Hearts for the wonderful show.

We would like to tell all our friends and family we have recently introduced Munch and Crunch into our routine. Munch and Crunch is when children are offered a whole fruit such as a banana, apple, pear and mandarin after lunch time and sit down to have a healthy snack with their friends. Most children for the last two days have enjoyed having fruit and learning how to peel an banana or mandarin which help develop muscles in their fingers and hands. Munch and Crunch is encouraged among most schools across Queensland providing this opportunity as it is allowing children to make the first step into transitioning from Kindy to school ready for next year.

We hope everyone had RSVP for our Father’s Day celebrations which is held on Friday 3rd of September 2021. We hope everyone can make it. We would like to apologise for no photos as the sim-card is still playing games and will not work. We hope to have this fixed by the end of the week.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess