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Good Afternoon family and friends of Kindy One.

Welcome to the blog for Wednesday, we had enjoyed a wonderful morning running around and playing a game of tag with all our friends from Kindy One and Two. We also got excited when the educator’s had joined in on the game. lots of smiles and laughter was seen whilst playing the game. We had also enjoyed digging a big hole in the sandpit as some of us were curious to see what was at the bottom and to see when it would stop. Some of us had also enjoyed riding around the bike track and having some fun on the swing. We enjoyed this morning exploring outside with all our friends.

Once it was 9:30am we then moved inside to complete a roll call and complete the calendar for the day. Everyone was engaged and excited to complete the calendar, as we counted together as a group to see what the date was today. We cannot believe it’s already the 28th of July. Where has the time gone… We had also looked into what physical activity was on today and we all got excited as it was soccer. We then moved to have some yummy morning teach which was fruit toast and berry jelly which we had enjoyed.

We continued to make our medals for our own Riverdale Kindy One Olympic games. Throughout the week we will continue to completed our games and at the end of the week we will present each other their medals they had made. We had also enjoyed some home corner play today, as we used our imagination and roll play skills. Other children had enjoyed using the domino’s to construct some tall towers, lego was also used to make some rocket ships. Whilst some other children enjoyed exploring and looking at the x-rays on the light box. While at the light box they had picked a x-ray to look at then matching it up to the correct animal picture.

For outdoor play we had enjoyed playing ball games with our friends, such as kicking the ball to our friends. We had also enjoyed swinging in the swing with our friends and seeing how high the swing would go. We also enjoyed the mud kitchen outside as some of use had made Miss Jess some yummy cupcakes and apple pie.

This afternoon we hope to continue to complete our medals, also complete shotput for our Olympic sport for the day. A craft activity we will also complete is using the water colours to make the Olympic symbol.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess