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Welcome Kindergarten families to the start of another wonderful week. Today we had a small class of 9 children enjoying the wonderful activities planned for today.

We met some new teachers such as Miss Beck who has started at Riversdale recently. This morning we had an awesome experience getting to meet Charlie’s chickens from her home. It was a mother silky chicken, her three chicks and also a small egg. The prompted lots of discussions about animals, how we look after them, treat them, feed them and everyone got to have a hold of the chicks and egg.

During our group time Mr Andrew showed the children some of the new resources we got for the classroom including a yoga dice, new books play money for our home corner and some beads to make bracelets. Carter, Harper, Astrid, Rikki and Ellie showed some excellent threading skills to make bracelets. Others made some awesome drawings of their favourite animals that we are hoping to display on the class windows soon. Braxton, Mace and Carter enjoyed the yoga dice and copying the different yoga positions that came up one the dice.

Our relaxation times after lunch are going well and the children are showing great ability to relax themselves and choose quiet activities like reading and puzzles. The are also much more engaged in a lot of the activities in the classroom so well done to all our wonderful superstars.

The afternoon will likely hold some music sessions and sport and movement activities so hopefully we get a few snaps of these as well to add. Thank you to all the families for your wonderful positive comments, we love hearing about your children and what you think about how our Kindergarten classroom is working. Have a lovely afternoon!

Apologies we don’t have manyphotos today our camera has been playing up so hopefully we will be able to edit the post and add some a bit later.

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew