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˜ Welcome to our bright sunny day˜

Hello and welcome families to our hippity hop Tuesday! WOW what a day we have had, full of fun, imagination, adventure, creativity and so much more♥ I look forward to telling you all about our magnificent journey.

This morning started off with Miss Jess and Miss Emma greeting our friendly cherubs in the foyer before they took a hop or two into the great outdoors. Miss Jess had set up a BIG drawing canvas on the floor with pastels. The children LOVED letting their imagination and creativity flow as they freely drew away. On another note of the children using their creativity, Miss TJ set up some Easter craft where the children were able to decorate Easter bonnets using paint, glitter and stickers. They really enjoyed doing this activity. Children are so EXCITED for the EASTER BUNNY to come visit them and they all have different ideas of what they Easter Bunny will leave them! Mace said “Lots of chocolates” Astrid said ” Lots of good belly chocolate” the many answers were way too sweet. ♥

Soon it was then time for some morning tea – All children ate all together so nicely and made sure they all had big drinks of water as it is important to stay hydrated!!! When all tummies were full they helped pack away and sat together while Miss TJ read a story called ‘Easter Egg Expedia’ to get into the spirit of Easter. The story was about Bilby’s calling on some wildlife friends to help them hide the Easter eggs for the hunt. This brought on a discussion about Australian wildlife and the animals in the story. The children also shared their favorite animal to the class. Miss TJ taught us an animal song called ‘Crabs and Seashells’ which names a variety of animals. We also sang ‘Picking up the baby bumble bee’ which the children LOVED, wanting Miss TJ to sing it again!

Before our friends went to explore the free drawing, building robots with the connectors and playing with the Octonauts, Mr Andrew had a song he wanted to teach us all about ‘The Colours of Australia’. Children really enjoyed learning this song and learning about the meaning behind it that we are all the same no matter what colour we are or what we look like. ♥

It was time to go on an ADVENTURE, through our yard. The children lined up and put on their imagination caps as we walked through parts of the yard searching for “Animals”. Our first discovery was a snake wrapped around the tree (the climbing rope) so the children slithered along the floor in disguise. Once we made it to the tunnel we crab crawled past the chomping turtle (The climbing cage) and then ran through the suction trunks of elephants (The slides) before tip toeing past the deers as Willow found deer antlers (Stick). Our last three stops was the crocodile by the drain, the bats hanging up on the netting of the garden and the large Lion we had to duck down for in the bushes that Ryan spotted. What a fun adventure! While in the garden Mr Andrew had a discussion with the children about when we can pull the capsicum and tomatoes off the plants as a few friends have been pulling them all off, not allowing them to grow for us to eat. Extending off our adventure Senior and Pre Kindy researched bats and deer on YouTube to extend on our learning as a few friends were talking about the two animals and some facts about them. We learnt that Bats are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and that Deer gather in herds. ♥

Mr Andrew and his Kindergarten friends all came together for a special group time as it was Harper’s turn to bring in something from home to share with her friends and teachers. Harper had some amazing photos where her and her family went on a adventure to AUSTRALIA ZOO!!! How AWESOME!!! Mr Andrew asked “Why are the photos so special to you” Harper replied “Because my mum did them like this for me” (Nicely displayed on paper) Mr Andrew than asked “What was your favorite animal you saw” Harper replied “All of them” (How sweet). ♥

This afternoon all children had a wonderful breezy afternoon playing with one an other so nicely and developing stronger bonds between their friends and teachers. Lots of smiles and laughs were shared throughout the day♥

My deep apologies for not many photos due to a malfunction and they weren’t uploading…..however feel free to ask Miss Jess if you would like her to print some off for you to view. ♥

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Jess, Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Mr Andrew.