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Hello families and welcome to Thursday.

We have had a lovely day today with the children spending the morning in the sunshine warming up. They were luck enough to have the playground to themselves for a little while this morning.

Once we came inside we discussed the activities that we would be completing today, the children helped to change our visual timetable and discuss what time things were going to happen. We also changed the date and day, Hamilton was quick to tell us that May had nearly run out. The children have enjoyed being able to decide what the weather was going to be today as we all look out the window and decide.

During our playtime we happily played with the Train set and constructed a track that stretched almost the whole length of the classroom. We have also enjoyed some craft when we created Rainbow snakes to support reconciliation week.

Whilst we were exploring the Human Body today we have looked at how our Brain works and what functions it performs in our body. This topic was a little difficult for the children to understand so Bonny Bob stepped in to help. Please ask your children for an introduction to their new friend, he is an important member of our learning.

This afternoon we will look at space and then head out for some play in the lovely warm sunshine, I hope you all have a lovely Thursday and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Miss Sharon and her scientists.