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Happy Thursday♥

What a fun filled day it has been today!

This morning all children were keen to spend it outside with their friends and teachers. The bikes and scooters were a hit this morning as they zoom around racing each other as they use great balancing skills and physical movement. Ball games, swing, sandpit and the mud kitchen was explored by all and so much more throughout the morning.

When it was time to come inside we washed our hands and sat on the green mat ready for group time with Mr Andrew. Today we read a book called “My dad ate an Apple” we played the song to it and it was pretty funny, we all had a great giggle! Afterwards to transition to morning tea Mr Andrew wrote 1-10 on the whiteboard and thought of a number, all children had to guess what it was…the only thing Mr Andrew could say was higher or lower. Marshall guessed the number 7 and he got it right!!!

After morning tea all children helped tidy up and transitioned to free choice of activities.

  • Building with Jenga
  • Building with the small dominos
  • Role playing with the animals in home corner
  • Using our amazing drawing and coloring skills to make the boxes for our gifts to our parents so special and beautiful.
  • We had lots of fun decorating gingerbreads for our Christmas party and dancing to Christmas tunes with our friends.

Mr Dan came today for Arakan and they had a blast showing how amazing their self defense skills are now and how speedy they are too!

This afternoon we all headed up to the slide playground to have a joyful and exciting afternoon before we all went home.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today,

See you soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.