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Hello and welcome to our fun day of learning here in the Kindergarten Room!  🙂

We started off our day outside practicing our physical skills and development by choosing the areas in which we like to explore!  The sandpit and mud kitchen are always a highlight as we extend our imaginations as we explore the leaning environments.

Free choice of activities inside until we got ready for morning tea to set us up for the busy day ahead where the children showed great independence and lots of purposeful play.  Miss Lyn read some of our favourite stories during group time today as well as the daily calendar, before watching the powerpoint Mr Andrew had planned for us to learn about some animals with superpowers.  The children sat engaged watching this then we excited to draw their favourite one including the glow worm seemed to be very popular.

Mr Dan soon arrived for Arakan Martial Arts teaching the children resilience and self defence in positive way!  The children separted in two groups to gain the most of this regular weekly incursion we have here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

The weather was a bit rainy on and off today so we made sure we made the most of our day being outside as much as we could!

In the afternoon we did some cutting activities relating to our painting last week as well as other quiet activities like water play, playdough and toy animal play.

Thanks Kindergarten for a great day!  🙂

Miss Kate, Miss Lyn, Mr Andrew and Miss Jess