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Hello families of the terrific Kindergarten children and welcome to our rainy day in the Kindergarten room.
This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 16 friends with warm greetings 😊
We sadly couldn’t go outside due to the weather BUT that didn’t stop us from having so much fun, happiness and joy in the room with all our friends and teachers.
In group time today Mr Andrew went through our calendar with us which we all find very interesting and fun to learn about. We also practiced our months too before going to morning tea.
We did a lot of cool activities throughout the day which were some of the following.
– Using our problem solving and team work to balance the buckets at the same height.
– Solving the different puzzles to reach the end product of the complete pictures.
– Finding the different type of insects hidden beneath the leaves in the container and to then match them with the correct card which has facts about each insect.
– Using our creativity and imagination at the drawing table as they freely draw amazing pictures.
– Practicing our counting skills as we use the pebbles and match them to the correct number of dots.
– Building awesome towers with the connectors and Lego.
– Children also helped Miss Jess make a fort for all to enjoy.
– We had Mr Dan for Arakan Martialart!!! Children had so much fun showing how strong they are and showing how quick their reflexes are!
– Playing in home corner, cooking away some treats, role playing with the dress ups, reading and so much more fun was had throughout the day 😊

Throughout the day children too showed great friendship building and kindness to one another and its truly wonderful to see.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today and we will see you all soon,
Stay safe in this weather,
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.