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Hello. Bonjour. Buenos Dias!

Welcome to Thursday in the Kindergarten room!

Today we started our day playing dress-ups. A popular theme was doctors and fire fighters with our highly trained student doctors providing free checkups and our brave firefighters keeping everyone safe. There were also a range activity stations setup including puzzle boards, building blocks, reading materials. Some children even created their own Jurassic Park using building blocks and dinosaur figurines. VERY CLEVER!

After some indoor play, we ventured outside to stretch our legs and explore the many fun and exciting things to do in our playground. From riding bikes to building sand castles. Even backing “strawberry sand” cupcakes and of course getting some serious swing time.

Moving back indoors now and after washing our hands it was time for some yummy scrummy morning tea. Today we had Apple cake fritters (a crowd favourite) with an assortment of fruits.

Now re-fueled and ready to keep moving forward, group time was called. We all sat down to come together as a class where the proverbial mic was open for any students to share anything they like with their fellow classmates. Hamilton went to the pub with mum and dad for chicken nuggets & chips followed by some ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and a candle to celebrate his birthday. Liam brought a special whale pillow and a crocodile that can open his mouth. SNAP SNAP!

With show and tell complete it was time to get stuck back into some fun activities! We had a multitude of different types of building blocks building space ships, motorcycles and towers. We also had an entire basket of dominos where long uniquely designed patterns that were strategically and purposely positioned with a high degree of accuracy began to form throughout the classroom with the final result creating a colourful and exciting wave effect as each domino was toppled over one by one in and almost mechanical sequence. There was also a flurry of activity in the home corner and Mr G put on some music turning the class room into one big dance party with a live accompaniment of live musicians playing the drums in a sea of brightly coloured flowing ribbons.

Regrouping and recovering after our dance party it was time for our weekly does of Arakan with Mr Shaun, our martial arts sensei for today.

LUNCH TIME! Today we had delicious frittata and a variety of vegetables to choose from the salad bar.

After our favourite meal of the day, it was time to relax and unwind. Some of our friends had a sleep with others participated in some quite activities such as reading.