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Welcome to another beautiful day in in the kindergarten room.

This morning after morning tea we moved on the mat for group time and we discuss what we would like to do today. Hayley said “go down the slide, Austin said “play in home corner, Wynter said “play with Hamilton”, ” Jaxon said “play with the play dough and Hayley to push me on the swing, Angelina said “play in home corner and Layla said “play on the swing with jaxon. while Miss Emma went on programing Miss Nikki took over and read us a story after Miss Nikki read us a story Hayley got a turn of being the teacher for us to move to activities at the tables singing “Bee bee bumble bee can you say ur name for me.

This morning activities we made caterpillars and the children got to choose what paint they would like to paint, Harper chose purple, wynter choose pink and Hamilton choose pink. While we where making caterpillars we discussed what caterpillars do, Hamilton said ”  they climb on the brinks at my home and they turn into butterflies, Wynter said ” Mine is starting to dry and shes going to be a pink caterpillar and its trying to walk and walk and walk, Haper said ” its going to eat plants and they are going to grow into butterlies and they eat leaves, Greyson said ” they eat food like apples, ice-creams, lollipops and nuts and they eat leaves, Miss Sarah asked Greyson what do caterpillars do when they eat to much food? Greyson replied back and Said ” they get sick”. Austin  Said “they can fly and they have teeth and one eye, Layla said ” caterpillars spin around on there pants and Hayley ” said said they twirl around on there butts and they can spin around on their heads and they eat lettuce and fruit.

we also had fun playing at the table with playdough and using the star cutter to make stars with the playdough.

We had lots of fun with Mr Daniel today for Arakaan where we learnt some new skills and revisited some from last week..

After we had finished Arakaan the children came in for group time with Miss Emma. At group time this morning we revisited the discussion we had surrounding our private parts. It was great to hear the children had really taken on board what we had talked about yesterday in regards to our bodies belonging to us, not showing anyone our private parts and what we need to do if somebody does this at Kindy, well done everyone. Today we also had confirmation of our Ditto show which is all booked in for Thursday 19th September at 9am if their are any parents who would like to come along to this show you are more than welcome to see what it is all about. Miss Emma will print off an information letter for you too, with further information about the show. Next we moved on to exploring and learning about Caterpillars and Butterflies which the children had identified yesterday that they wanted to learn more about these insects. First we started off watching a video called “How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.” After watching the informative video, Miss Emma had some questions that she had formed from the video. Firstly What is another name for a cocoon? The children were unsure what this was called, tomorrow Miss Emma suggested that she remind the children of this question before revisiting the video so as the children can listen out for this piece of information. Secondly How many days do they stay inside the Chrysalis before turning into a butterfly?” Hayley commented “Four days” and Wynter commented “Ten days.” Next was What do Butterflies eat? Graysen commented ” Leaves” and Layla commented “Nectar” lastly What do Butterflies taste with? Layla commented “Their feet.” Miss Emma then opened it up to the children to comment and share any information they had learnt from watching the video today. Hamilton commented “When they come out of an egg they eat some leaves, then they go into cocoon then turn into butterfly in ten or more days” Well done everyone. Before having our delicious lunch the children had the opportunity to get comfy and listen to the story the very hungry caterpillar. Tomorrow we are going to make our very own very hungry caterpillar sitting on a leaf.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah