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Hello and welcome to the Kindergarten Room
This morning Miss Jess and Miss Manuela welcomed our wonderful 13 Kindergarten friends with a warm smile and hug.
What we did today!
– We started the morning off in Senior Kindy before separating into our own room. We had so much fun exploring throughout the room this morning.
Before our friends went to explore, we sat on the carpet while Miss Jess said hello to all of us and we did some awesome show and tell!!! Emmet showed his friends his snakeskin that he got from his pet PYTHON!!! All children were amazed and wanted to have a good look up close!
– Eva, Xavier and Braxton enjoyed playing with the doll house.
– Ellie, Lily, Lilly, and Harper had fun playing in the home corner, role playing in being mums to the babies and looking after them. They were making some scrumptious food for the babies to enjoy.
– Henry, Braxton and Mace made an airplane buy using the mushroom stools in a line and then using their arms as the wings as they sore into the sky.
– Ellie, Lilly, Mariah, Lily and Genevieve participated in one of the activates using their great concentrating skills as they practice their use of the scissors with paper.
– Harper, Xavier, Henry and Emmet liked problem solving with the puzzles as they work as a team to correctly place the right piece in the right place.
– Coen, Henry, Lily and Emmet really liked the activity that Miss Manuela put out. All friends had to use the paintbrush to melt the ice to get the awesome looking bugs out of it. They carefully brush the ice, so it melts. Our friends also participated in arakan with Mr Daniel and they all LOVED IT !

For the afternoon all friends enjoyed having so much fun with their friends and teachers.
Thankyou for today,
See you all soon,
Miss Jess and Miss Manuela.