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Hello families and friends of the Kindergarten class. We had a wonderful day today filled with lots of laughs and lots of wonder. After starting the morning in the Pre-Kindy class we moved outdoors to explore some ball games, ride the bikes and tackle the obstacles courses that were set up. When children arrive they quickly search out their friends and join them for some fun. This morning Miss Jess spotted a HUGE spider that had made a web in the far corner of the playground. All the children gathered around and were amazed at how big the web was. It prompted lots of different discussions about other spiders people had seen at their own houses.

After our morning play we came indoors and read a story about a bee with Miss Jess which continued our insect theme for the morning. We changed our calendar and did a little number recognition game as a group. The children are doing really well with their numbers being able to recognise 0-10 and working towards 0-30 thanks in part to our daily calendar activity.
Today our big focus was on music so we took a big basket of instruments up to the tree house and let the children explore the different sounds they made. Mr Andrew brought his keyboard too and we all had a turn using that. We discussed the difference between high notes and low notes and tried to copy them with our voice to the amusement of the children. After that we had a little bit of free play outdoors while some wanted to keep exploring the instruments.

Another fun game that we played was a collecting game where the children had to race to collect 4 bean bags before the other children. The children loved racing their friends and frantically trying to find the bean bags. We have been working a lot with the children at managing not winning games or getting an object when there isn’t enough to go around. Games like this help children manage their emotions during times like this but at the same time foster a competitive spirit (and also encouraging when the teachers and their peers cheer them on).

We sadly say farewell to Sonni today who is having his last day in the Kindergarten class with us. We made a big card and sang a farewell song for him and wish him and his family all the best as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.
The afternoon has started to rain now so we might have to do some more music and indoor table activities so this will be fun for the children to bring out some new activities that we save for rainy days.

Thanks for joining us today and we have a few videos (the links at the end) to share as well as a special treat.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

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