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Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to our blog today. We had a free choice day today with the children able to choose their favourite activities for most of the day. The most popular activities included:

  • Dressing up and doing the hair of all the Barbie dolls
  • Playing board games like checkers, sea-quence and number matching games
  • Construction activities with the mobilo, plastic connectors, wooden blocks and dominoes
  • Gluing and crafting cards for family
  • Sorting out our natural material baskets into the correct boxes – shells, stones, sticks, wood chips and wooden spools

We also made our special Christmas surprises which look awesome and I’m sure you will love them once they are delivered. Mr Dan also arrived for martial arts class and the children had so much fun testing out their reactions and strength. They all came back excited about the “Zombie game” which we might play later in the afternoon.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the photos!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess