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Welcome everyone Thursday in the Kindergarten room. We have had a busy morning today in addition to our usual day we had Kindy photo’s as well as our long awaited Ditto show. This morning after our yummy morning tea of mini muffins and a selection of fresh fruit we came together on the group mat for a short time to talk about the ditto show we were just about to attend. Once our special guests from Braveheart were ready we moved through into the vacation care room eagerly ready to see what we were going to learn.

At the show we had our friends Jackie and Ditto talk to us about how we can keep ourselves safe. In the beginning we talked about feeling safe and unsafe and how this may look or feel through yes or no feelings. Some examples of yes feelings are, feeling excited, feeling safe and fun. This may also include someone giving you a big safe hug. No feelings may include feeling sad, angry and unsafe. Some warning signs that your body is having a no feeling or feeling unsafe include a fast beating heart, butterflies in our tummy and/or wibbly, wobbly jelly legs. Some Actions that may make you feel unsafe may include someone putting their arms around you that gives you a no feeling or someone asking you to show them our bottom. Jackie and Ditton talked to us about what we can do if one of these situations arise or if you get one of the no feelings, to run and tell someone you can trust. After talking about our no feelings we talked about and identified our private parts, which are our mouth, chest, between our legs and our bottoms. To help reinforce this we sung a really catchy song called private parts. Here are the lyrics to the song
Private parts song
Private parts, private parts, they belong to me they belong me, My mouth and chest are my private parts, between my legs and my bottom are, if anyone touches I say na-ah! They’re my private parts. Private parts, private parts, they belong to me they belong me, My mouth and chest are my private parts, between my legs and my bottom are, if anyone touches I say na-ah! They’re my private parts. Private parts, they belong to me, no one else to touch, no one else to see. My private parts from my head to my toes are only for me, so nobody goes near my private parts.
After this song we revisited what to do if someone asks us to show them our private parts. Which is to run and tell someone we can trust which could include a family member, a teacher, contact Braveheart, kidsline or the police.
At the end of the show we all got to go up and have a photo with ditto and get a special ditto sticker. Over the course of the week we will continue to revisit the Braveheart show and the topics we talked about as well as singing the private parts song and run and tell someone you can trust song to consolidate the children’s learning. If there is any further information you would like to know about the show feel free to talk to myself or you could contact Braveheart directly.

Once we had finished our Ditto show we moved back into the Kindergarten to engage into our morning activities. As the children have been enjoying expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively through painting, using a variety of art provocations, today the children had the opportunity to use the Australian flag for inspiration today. This came about through the children’s interest in wanting to learn about Australia, as we embark on our cultural journey. Tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to create using pictures of Australian animals for their inspiration.

The children have really been enjoying exploring the concept of rhyming over the course of the week. This morning the children had the opportunity to revisit the rhyming words today that we had been focussing on over the week. We incorporated a matching game with the rhyming words today encouraging the children to sort the words in relation to there matching rhyming sounds. The children have developed confidence with the focus words we have been doing some children needing minimal prompting with others being able to do this independently. This was a great activity for the children to take the lead in as they could use the pictures as cues to help them sort the words, a long with saying the words. Great work everyone.


Other play that occurred during the morning included play in our shop area and Harper enjoyed exploring the magnetic letters and whiteboards. Hamilton was busy constructing with the bamboo shoots in the construction area. Our friends also enjoyed expressing their creativity and imagination through drawing. It is great to see the children using their initiative and taking the lead as they organise materials for their own play. This is going to be a useful skill for when they head to prep next year.


We hope you have a wonderful afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner