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October already! Wow what a fast year it has been. The new month allowed us to talk about the changes in on our calendar this morning and we talked about the birthdays this month. Continuing the theme of birthdays we made our own special cakes by writing facts about ourselves like our age, our birthdate and our names. We then cut out some candles and glued them on top. It was a great activity for learning about ourselves, developing verbal language skills and fine motor skills with writing, colouring and gluing.

Other activities we enjoyed today included:

  • Singing songs with props – speckled frogs, cupcake song, pungawerere
  • Arakan martial arts
  • Paper hat creations

Going forward we are going to put a big focus on caring for each other and the classroom as the children are being a bit rough with the resources and each other so we ask for help from families to promote this at home so we can fostre positive relationships between the children in the Kindergarten class.

Enjoy you evening everyone.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess