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Hello families and friends and welcome to our blog today. It was a windy day today which cooled us down a bit so we could do lots of tree house activities. We had Arakan martial arts and also some small skill games practicing our quick reaction times and catching skills.

Our science focus today was on a real miniature steam engine. We lit a small fire to replicate the boiler and then watched as the water boiled and lots of steam was produced. Unfortunately the wheel didn’t spin around but we were impressed at the thought process of the children as some suggested it was too windy outside or maybe the engine was too wet from the water. We have been very impressed at the predictions and suggestions this week as we have been putting more of a spotlight on scientific processes.

Other popular activities today included the playdough where we included some stones and sticks to make some awesome “baked” creations. We also had lots of water play to keep to the Science week focus on the DEEP BLUE. In the afternoon we stayed indoors a little longer as the children were enjoying their construction activities and role playing games.

Hopefully everyone had a great day like us. Enjoy your evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess