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Hello and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed 19 amazing friends to the classroom. What a day it has been today and so much to tell you all about.

This morning all children had a great big morning play outside with all their friends and teachers. Harper, Mace, Henry and Sonni had so much fun playing lots of different ball games with Miss Jess. Braxton and his other friends enjoyed zooming around the race track on the bikes and scooters while other friends had fun playing in the sandpit. Miss Donna found a silkworm that all the children were so intrigued by! Mr Andrew decided to bring it into the kindergarten room for all to have a closer look and as an extension on the interest we looked at the life cycle of a silkworm on the tv and looked at some videos on what the silk looks like at the factories. All children were so amazed by this and there will be more extensions on this too.

After we had all eaten morning tea our new friend Evelyn came today for her first day. All friends made her feel very welcomed as well as her teachers. Evelyn had a wonderful first day here at Riversdale.

Throughout the morning children self selected activities of their choice. Some children chose to start at home corner cooking away some tasty treats and role playing. Some children chose to play with the connectors building cool towers and other awesome creations. The small animals with the loose parts were a favourite too today. Mr Andrew set up the water play inside and children enjoyed pouring the water in and out of the tubes.

This morning we also had Arakan with Mr Daniel. Children practiced their coordination as well as quick reflex skills, all children did an amazing job and they loved their session with Mr Daniel.

This afternoon after afternoon tea all children headed outside to embrace the beautiful weather and to have so much fun with their friends before getting picked up.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today,

See you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.