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Greetings Kindergarten families and friends, welcome to our Thursday blog.

The morning routines are well established now and the children enter excitedly, pack their things away and join their friends for fun games like climbing ropes, pushing each other on the swing, making big block constructions and ball games. This is a great time to sit with the children and discuss things that they are interested in. Ellie and Mariah were having an interesting conversation about what they thought dinosaurs would eat. We talked about how the teeth can indicate what they might like to eat (sharp teeth likely to be a meat eater and flat teeth mean likely to eat plants).

We continued our exploration of planets and today visited Mercury in our rockets. Reid said we needed to get our space suits on first so we did that. I then asked the children what else we needed and there were some great replies. “snacks” said Emmett, “a rocket” said Henry and “fuel” said Eva. We have been discussing what makes an engine run and Eva would always answer oil but now she has learned that oil makes parts move more easliy and the fuel actually makes the engine go. As we landed we talked about Mercury’s features, it is grey, very hot and one of the smallest plants. The children absolutely loved visualising this journey so afterwards we had another.

We got the parachute out and imagined a story of us growing from babies into big children and then building a boat. We coasted in creeks, went through rivers and eventually sailed the open seas where it got stormy. Harper had the idea that we could all hide under the parachute from the storm. I was really impressed today how the children took initiative with a lot of the activities and made suggestions for what we could do.

Just before lunch we played duck, duck, goose and did some basketball. We all lined up and took some shots at the hoop. We had to practice our technique and make sure we were bending our legs and really pushing the ball up to reach the hoop. The absolute faces of joy the children were showing when they got the balls in were very rewarding to see and is what being a Kindergarten teacher is all about.

After a very popular lunch of mince, pasta, cheese and salad the children settled into some quiet activities. Today we had lots more on offer around the class at this time such as some indoor water play, a big racing car floor mat and some different painting stations around the class. Here we challenge the children to be mature and responsible as they make independent choices for their learning and respect the resources while they are using them.

Our afternoon will probably be spent doing a music session and then heading outdoors for some more energetic play.

Thank you for reading our blog today and enjoy your evenings.

Mr Andrew

Harper, Reid and Marshall making a stable for the horse

A very impressive and concentrated effort from Charlotte to line up a total of 49 dominoes!