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Hello and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room.
Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and our wonderful third teacher Miss Manuela welcome 13 energetic friends.

What we did today –
We had a big play in our playground now that the turf has been laid down! All friends were so excited to head out and the tiny drops of rain did not stop us from having fun!
After outside fun we then came inside and sat on the green group mat ready for group time.
Miss Manuela showed us something creepy crawly that her cat had caught! However, this creepy crawly was no longer with us but Miss Manuela wanted to bring it in to show her friends as she then read an interesting book about different types of creepy crawlers! All children were rather engaged.
Mr Andrew then got up and explained what we would be doing throughout the day. Mr Andrew also showed us different flags such as the Australian flag, Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag. We were then told we would then use coloured paper to match the colours correctly to each flag for our collage activity. All children were involved in this.
After our group time we headed to wash our hands before we got ready for morning tea.
After we ate and had full bellies ready to play, all friends headed off to find some activities of their interest. Activities such as – problem solving with the puzzles, building with the connectors and making cubes, houses for their pets, drawing with the art easel, playing in home corner and so much more!!
Before we got ready for lunchtime, we had Mr Daniel come in to do some Arakan with us!! All children had a great time practicing their concentrating skills as well as quick reflexes!

After lunchtime it was time to rest our bodies for the fun afternoon ahead.
This afternoon we headed outside for a play with our friends!

Such a great day and thankyou Kindergarten!
See you all soon,
Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and Miss Manuela 😊