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Hello families and friends and welcome to the Kindergarten blog.

Today we had a special day as it was Henry’s birthday and he turned 5 years old! It was a big food day as we baked cupcakes for his birthday and made our own pizzas for lunch which is turning in to a bit of a tradition. The children have been learning so much during these food experiences like how to articulate their likes and dislikes as well as learning concepts like measuring and how ingredients interact with each other.

Next we had a group time and a few people had some special things to share. Henry brought a transformer he got for his birthday, Coen brought a special Easter book that the children thoroughly enjoyed. Lastly Marshall brought a remote control car for his share bag presentation and the children absolutely loved watching him drive it around and hear him talking about why it was special to him.

We also had Arakan martial arts today with Mr Dan and I was super impressed with the children’s listening skills and engagement with the games. The children are learning discipline with instructions and how to control their bodies in different ways and it is excellent to see this developing.

We had our quiet time up in the tree house today and it was nice to utilise this space as a classroom environment for a change. We had puzzles, block activities lots of little cozy spots for reading and some games like bingo, animal matching activities and a number mat game which the children turned into a cool number counting game.

That’s all for today, enjoy the photos!

Mr Andrew and Miss Dominique