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Happy Thursday everyone.

This morning after our morning play outside where we enjoyed exploring in the sand pit, riding on bikes, swinging on the swing and engaging in races, we moved inside to refuel. This mornings delights included Jelly, toasted muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Next we moved onto the group mat to officially start our day together. We sung our good morning songs, the children singing so beautifully without the music. We said our acknowledgement of country and did our roll call. Our discussion turned towards Halloween this morning as the children have been getting very excited about the Halloween decorations in the centre and the talk of their outfits. Today I thought I would ask them, What do you think of when you hear the word Halloween? Graysen thinks of bats, Levii thinks of a wolf, Ariah a spider, Jaxon a clown, Angelina a witch, Sage a skeleton, Hayley The family, Liam a vampire, Hamilton a ghost, Austin a piggy, Matthew Minecraft and Layla a wolf. Thank you for sharing everyone. Next we talked about our craft that we were going to create today, which was making ghosts, Mummies and Skeletons.

After our super fun filled morning of activities, it was time for our weekly dose of martial arts as we honed in on our Arakan skills, working our “arms up, left, right, left left, down, up” combinations and going head to head in a range of reaction time races. Once we said goodbye to our Arakan guru Mr Dan for the week, we engaged in some teamwork focused activities. Starting with “Washing Machine” where the class came together to wash our “laundry” using a large multi coloured parachute (our washing machine) and colourful balls (our laundry). Working together as a team we loaded up our washing machine, put in our soap and working through a range of cycles with every effort not to loose any of our laundry from the washing machine until of course it was time to put the washing out to dry! Launching the multi coloured balls high into the air! We also went “camping” using the parachute as our tent we worked together to pitch our tent before laying down to rest inside our tent before a big gust of wind came along and blew our tent away!

Lunch time! Today we had some yummy scrummy nachos. Once our belly’s were full it was time to rest, unwind and relax. Those who were not sleeping had some down time with some quiet in class activities such reading, arts/crafts and building with a variety of different types of building blocks. Once everyone was rested and refreshed it was time to pack away and make our way to the group mat for some group time chats. Laylah brought her “lamby bond” friend in for show and share who was very cute. Liam brought in a wonderful book called “Liam wins the game, sometimes.” a story about losing with grace. This was a wonderful example and reflection on the topic of “displaying good sportsmanship’ that we have been working on as a class recently.

Following show and share it was time for our afternoon tea snacks of watermelon, grapes, oranges, sultanas, cranberries and popcorn. Once refueled we headed back outside to run and play with all our friends.