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Welcome families and friends of the Kindergarten class. Today was a very warm day so we had a few extra resources out indoors to occupy all our wonderful children.

We had lots of letter and number puzzles floating about to help with problem solving skills, teamwork and number/letter recognition. These are great moments to sit with the children and discuss things and develop verbal language skills as well.

Our morning focus was on our little alphabet treasure hunt where the children had to pan through the sand to find all the magnetic letters of the alphabet and match them to the right letter on the whiteboard. Half of the class did this wiht Miss Jess while the other half did some memory tray games with Mr Andrew. It was great fun removing objects and seeing if the children could remember which one was missing.

The rest of our morning was filled with drawing, stamp pictures and also a martial arts lesson with Mr Dan. The children are quick to get ready when he suggests each games and they have begun playing some of them during their free play time as well.

In the afternoon we had a relaxing meditation session lying down on the carpet and using our imagination. We also did some awesome crepe paper artwork that the children did very well with to follow the instructions.

We’ve included some photos from yesterday as well so enjoy!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess