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Hello everyone and welcome to our Thursday blog. Today was jam packed with lots of new and exciting things so let us share them with you.

This morning the Senior Kindy, Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten all gathered together to sing Miss Nads a very happy birthday for tomorrow. The children love celebrating special occasions and it was a nice gesture from them.

We had another special surprise for the children which was some live worms! We watched a short video about worm farming and did a little quiz about what you can and can’t put in a worm farm. The children took in the information very well and after collecting our scraps for morning tea it was time to get hands on in the dirt. We looked at what type of soil that worms like and made our own in a big tub. We even looked through the bag to find some worms and they were lots of different sizes and mixed in were some other bugs too. After exploring all the parts we mixed them together in the worm house. Braxton remembered the names for the different compartments including the “toilet” the “bedroom” and the “kitchen.

We had a few games up in the tree hut testing out our dodging skills and jumping skills. The children had a blast challenging themselves with the different games. Afterwards we came in for some yummy lunch and settled in to quiet time.

Another big activity planned for today was robot making! Henry suggested he wanted to make some robots from the bottle caps that he brought in and we used cardboard boxes and egg cartons for the bodies and arms. The children loved this activity and it was great to see the range of creations that were made.

In the afternoon we plan to get outside for more sunshine and enjoy the wonderful playground we have.

Thanks for joining us today!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Looking inside the worm house

Testing our jumping skills

Making robots with glue, bottle caps and cardboard

Comparing dry, wet and damp soil and discussing what worms like best

Searching for worms and other bugs in the soil

Watching a video about creating a worm farm