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Hello families and welcome to our day here in the Kindergarten room.

What a great day it has been, another inside/outside day was had of learning, connecting with friends and having a great time throughout the day. Mr Andrew and Miss Jess greeted all children with a warm smile and wave as they bounced outside to beging their wonderful day.

What we did today –

The children all began their morning having a great big play with all their friends! Exploring conversational reading on the mat underneath the beautiful tree to leaf printing, getting in touch with their environments loose parts to use for craft. The slides today were a hit as they come down the journey of excitement and thrill accompanied by many giggles. It was then time for the Kindergarten children to make their way to wash their hands before having some delicious morning tea in the garden area.

During morning tea Miss Jess and Mr Andrew spoke about some things we would be doing throughout the day, we also sang our days of the week and months of the year song. We also went through our calendar and had special helpers to change the day, date and the weather! After children had all eaten we then had a quick tidy up before we headed to the green mat inside ready to learn about our DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!! This week we have been focusing on our body all children have responded well to this as they show a lot of interest which is amazing to see. When Mr Andrew finished going through the slideshow about our digestive system and talked about what it does, we then proceeded with a few activities based on the topic which were the following.

  • Drawing how long/big our digestive system is with chalk on the floor
  • Laying on the curved lines to portray how big an adult digestive really is that Mr Andrew drew (10 metres)
  • Guessing how many litres of water that can hold in our stomach (1ltr)

Children had so much fun while learning doing this activities – they are such confident and involved learners.

We then came outside to the green mat to do a KINDERGARTEN COOK OFF show using loose material and leaves for any ingredient the children wanted them to be and to cook whatever they wanted to cook. Two friends came up at a time while the other friends and teachers were in the audience watching them cook, and asking them questions about what they are cooking. This was AWESOME! The children absolutely loved this and it opened up so much conversation between each other and enhanced on their imagination and so much more.

Throughout the day children had a buzzing time of joy and wonder.

The afternoon was spent in the blissful afternoon breeze where the birds chirped and the sound of laughter from children and teachers.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today,

See you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.