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Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to our blog today. We were very busy today as we did a big formal practice for our graduation ceremony tomorrow. We performed our songs for Miss Dom, Miss Emma and Miss Kylie and practiced walking up and receiving our certificates. Everyone is looking forward to showing you their amazing singing and dancing performance tomorrow.

In the morning we gathered together for group time where Miss Lyn did the roll, changed our calendar and explored some different times on the clock. After self serving our morning tea and tidying our dishes the children enjoyed a nice cool icey-pole treat from Coen. It wasn’t quite as hot today but they still went down a treat.

Our group activities this morning included making acrostic poems where we had to think of a word that began with each letter of our name. Afterwards the children could colour in the big letters and try and draw the words they chose. It was a great exercise for practicing letter recognition, phonics, pencil grip and drawing skills.

Mr Dan arrived for Arakan martial arts and has been practicing a lot of the children’s favourites like the Zombie game and racing games. These games are great at teaching us about managing not winning all the time and working for the overall goal of the group.

In the afternoon Miss Jess brought out some card games including “avocado smash” and “peach snaps” which are little variations on the game of snap, again great for number recognition and reactions to cues. Other children enjoyed reading the human body book and learning about anatomy and different facts about the body. We did some little exercises to test out different senses and the children had lost of fun and were very intrigued with how everything worked.

Thanks for joining us today everyone and we look forward to see many of you at our graduation ceremony!

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew