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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Thursday in the kindergarten. What a wonderful day it has been with lots of engaged learning occurring.

Outside this morning Mr G got creative putting the balancing beams up in the outdoor classroom for the children ton practice their balancing skills on the varying levels. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and it provided great opportunities for children to develop their confidence, use their coordination and using their problem solving skills as they worked out how to get passed their peers, when they came from opposite directions. The children also enjoyed riding the bikes/scooters and exploring in the sandpit making big sand balls, making sandcastles, using their imagination in the boat and digging holes.

This morning the children wanted to have a picnic morning tea before coming in for group time. Today we had some yummy chocolate mini muffins and a selection of fresh fruit. The children in the Kindergarten are definitely fruit lovers. After we had refuelled our bodies we moved inside to the group mat to start our day together as group. Just like yesterday the children requested to sing our good morning songs without the music, I love that they feel confident and comfortable to sing it without the support of the music, great work everyone. Now it was time to read our story of the week Green eggs and ham. Once again the children supported myself in reading the story, today they definitely needed fewer prompts as they used their memory recall skills to retell the story. I am so proud of the children and how willing they are to join in and be involved during story telling.  Now we were ready to move off into our chosen activities for the morning, which had all been chosen by the children through yesterdays group discussion.

As the children had requested to do painting again today, we once again revisited the tempura paints that we experimented with yesterday. Today I provided the children with a picture that incorporated all three colours as there inspiration, but of course the children were free to use their imagination and creativity freely. Hayley said she was doing a painting for Dad because he likes red, green, and yellow. Matthew said he was painting M. Harper was painting a rainbow and Austin was painting his family. Each day I love seeing what creations the children come up with, we defiantly have a lot of artists in the room.

The play dough table proved to be very popular among the children this morning, as they manipulated the play dough into their desired creations, and used the rolling pins to roll out the dough. Some of today’s creations included snowmen, snails, worms and Pac man. On the table today as the children had requested to do cutting, I thought it would be a great opportunity for the children to have the opportunity to practice their scissor skills as they cut the play dough.  As the children engaged in their play it was great to hear such a social experience occurring as the children communicated to one another about what they were creating.

This morning when we were setting up the classroom for play, Layla requested that we use the funny scissors to cut with today. Layla did such a great job setting up the experience with coloured paper and a variety of different scissors. Angelina and Layla particularly enjoyed exploring this experience this morning, being creative as they cut with the scissors. Angelina commented that she was going to make a green background and then stick blue on top. Layla wanted to make a circle but was a little unsure of how to cut it out. After Miss Nikki suggested drawing a circle and then cutting around it. Angelina gave some support to Layla, telling her to cut out on the line. Great cutting today girls. They have both requested to have this out during quiet activity time this afternoon.

Today was also Arakaan day, the children had so much fun engaging in all the activities and games with Mr Dan.

At group time this morning we reflected on what we enjoyed from our play during the morning. Wynter commented that she liked playing with the play dough where she made a snail and cutting. Harper also liked playing with the play dough cutting it and painting a colour rainbow. Layla liked reading a book and cutting. Hamilton liked playing with the play dough where he made a snowman like yesterday. Austin enjoyed painting a picture of his family. Matthew making Pac Man. Angelina liked playing in home corner playing shops with Layla and Ariah, and also cutting making her picture. Ariah liked playing with her friends and Hayley liked painting, playing with the play dough and drawing.

We are looking forward to a fun filled afternoon.

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner