Spooktacular Halloween partyyyyy!!!

Hello Families and welcome to our day in the Kindergarten room!

Today was our Spooktacular Halloween party and what a joy that was for all!

We began the day finding all of our friends and discussing the different costumes and decorations we could see. We then came indoors for some delicious morning tea and then the true Halloween party would begin! the children lined up to get their photos taken with some spooky props while others danced to the themed music or drew some pictures of classic Halloween creatures and props. Outdoors we set up our “spooky tunnel” where the children had to go through the tunnel blindfolded and guess what they could feel inside. We prompted them with a story about how the worms had escaped from the worm farm and grew massive with the recent rains we’ve had so there were a few screams as the children went through!

We also managed to sneak in our martial arts class with Mr Dan. The children had extra energy today and were keen to show of their super monster strength.

In the afternoon we did our Halloween I Spy Adventure where the children had to search for hidden pictures of Halloween creatures and props. They love doing these I Spy hunts and it is great for developing persistence, problem solving skills, teamwork and a fun way to learn letters as well (they had to write the letter they saw next to each picture).

In the afternoon we practiced some songs, whiteboard games and had some fun in the tree house with some construction activities. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day and we’ll see you again soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess