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Welcome to the kindergarten room with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.
This morning we welcome 17 awesome friends for a full filled day of adventure and so much fun!
We started the morning off with a massive outside play with all friends! Mace, Kerim, Braxton and Henry were happily zooming away on the bikes, racing around the track! Eva, Ellie, Myah had so much fun in the sandpit making some delicious cakes as well as building wonderful towers! Braxton and Mace decided to make a seesaw with the blocks, they used great teamwork skills and communication too! They had so much fun 😊 some friends liked climbing up the green hill and looking high in the sky to see what they can see! Harper saw a plane and a bird’s nest in the tree!!!
After our big play outside and before we came inside, we cooled off on the green mat outside our door, did a hello good morning song and made sure we marked the roll. We were all keen for some morning tea to fill us up until lunchtime! Throughout the day lots of activities were enjoyed by all friends. Such as puzzles with Mr Andrew! We used our problem-solving techniques to find the right piece that fits correctly. There was chalk board drawing, counting with pebbles, making their own pattern with the natural materials. The felt board was a big hit today as they all enjoyed making their own pictures. We also looked at baby animal eggs as Mr Andrew asked and explained to us what animals lay eggs on a slide show he made for us. We were all very engaged in this topic. We had Arakan with Mr Dan today! So awesome to see our friends showing their great strength!!!
All had a great day today and explored toys/areas of the room of their choice! All friends had a big lunch and were so excited to tell Miss Jess their favourite part about their lunch! Some liked the tuna, some liked all and some loved the soy sauce!!!!
This afternoon we had afternoon tea and then headed outside for a great big play!
Thankyou Kindergarten for today, see you all soon!
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.